Slow FTP speeds


This is a problem I had with Librelec previous and now Openelec.

I have filezilla setup on a laptop. I have had drives connected to it and in general it works fine.
However, if I try to pull a film from it in UHD the bandwidth just isn’t there and I don’t really know why.

It’s a wired network and as its on an internal hardwired network I can’t really fathom why it won’t stream fast enough.

The server shows around 3mbs and 1080p is fine it’s just the bigger files.

Anyone have any ideas why this would be? I mean, I can stream 4K movies on Netflix and so I can’t understand why I can’t do it on my own internal network.

Thanks in advance

I’d recommend you do a network throughput test between your box (Which is what?) and your server.
Install the network tools addon and reboot the box, this will install iperf. There’s iperf for PC as well, so you can run a test to see where the bottle neck might be.
I’m using FTP shares from my FreeNAS machine, and don’t have any problem pulling any type of content.

My box is a H96+ Pro.

I’ll install the addon tomorrow and report back.
I assume it’s in the official repo?
Do I just run it and it pings the software on the server?

Many thanks

It’s a command line utility that allows you to put two machines in a client/server config and test network throughput.
More info on how to use it here:

When you say FTP do you mean Samba or have you actually installed an FTP server on your CoreELEC install?

I’ve installed FTPzilla on my laptop and then added the ftp as a network location on Openelec.

This forum is for CoreELEC support.

I know it’s for corelec support but I’m not sure of its an issue with openelec not being able to transfer or a buffer issue etc

I’ve never tried to use the FTP on anything except two android boxes and openelec/libreelec.

Install CoreELEC and see if you still have a problem.

I am running coreelec. Sorry, my typo. I mean coreelec not openelec (too many elecs!)

And I have the problem hence me coming to the support forum.

In that case try my suggestion from yesterday first.

CoreELEC does not come with a FTP server pre-installed so have you installed one or are you sending files via Samba?

@anon88919003 he setup an ftpserver on his PC and is using CE to access it.

So, I’ve installed that addon.

What exactly do I do now?
How do I get to the console and what do I type?
Sorry if this is really basic stuff but it’s part of CoreElec I’ve never played around with.

I’ve just lived with the slow FTP issue but I’d really like to solve the problem.