Slow resume from Suspend mode


I have 2 N2+ boxes running Coreelec 19.5 and 1 T95z running 18.9.
I noticed when I wake up my T95z from suspend, it’s up and running in 2-3 seconds but both N2+ takes 20-30 seconds. I remember that they used to be much more snappy on waking up from Suspend but can’t figure out which settings might affect that.

Anyone can help?

Maybe start here


Here is some more detailled info.

Description of the issue:
Upon resuming on both my Odroid N2+, after going to suspend from the remote, it takes a significant amount of time to resume back (~20 s) which is much more than when I initially installed and more than on my other box (T95z Plus). I would like to cut down resume time to what it once was, just 2-3 seconds.

System log:

I have a ODroid N2+ 4gb and running from eMMC.

Please let me know if additional info would be helpful.


I have just tried to install the latest Matrix (RC2) on eMMC and noticed, straight after installation, the same issue. Booting from scratch takes around 16s while resuming from suspend (I am sure it is resuming and not rebooting as I don’t see the CoreElec logo and it brings me back to the exact menu I was on previously) would take around 15s.

I get this behavior right after installation. I also tried to edit the sleep.config (removing the false on suspend) and I get the same behavior.

I’d be curious to hear from other N2+ users how long their resume from suspend takes.


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