Slowdown and startup

Not sure if this is the right place. I have a Vim3 Pro and using latest stable.
It’s mostly great aside for a few minor annoyances, I probably posted about it before. The way it’s chained here is: Storage PC and Vim connected to network via ethernet. Vim hooked to Denon AVR via HDMI. HDMI cable is a usual Monoprice certified one. I have used over time a few of them in different lengths (current one I think is like 0.5 or 1 feet, slim one).

  1. On AVC playback, sometimes during the first minute of playback, there is a 1-2 very brief video slowdowns and then it’s smooth for the rest of the time. I don’t seem to experience that on HEVC. This is something I’ve seen through the various revisions the last 1/2 a year or so I’ve had this device. Not specific to latest builds. Playback files are all offline mkvs stored on the wired to network PC mentioned before.

  2. Device resume from sleep through CEC via ARC, sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t. It’s not too hard to click the power button to start it up, but still. Is there a way to add a power-on button on the remote? I’m using a T3. It has a power button which I’ve adjusted to pop the Kodi power options menu. I can’t remember what it was doing out of the box, but I don’t think it ever turned on the device, just shut it down.

  3. I have set the Updates to Manual so I can control when to install them. It used to notify me when there are new updates and I could use the “Available Versions” on the CE system menu. I have a custom channel there set to, but for a long while using the Available Version coming up with a blank popup. Now if I want to update, I have to switch from Manual to Auto, which then download the new version in the background without any prompt and asks me to reboot to update when it’s done.


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