Smart Playlist Shuffle - Screen Goes Black

Hi - not sure if this is a kodi issue, CoreELEC issue, or an E4K issue, or emby issue, so I figured I would start here. I have a shortcut on my N2 home screen to a smart playlist setup to play a random set of 25 episodes from a pre-selected number of shows (for when we just want something light on in the background).

Normally what happens is after one episode ends, the next one plays automatically. I noticed over the last day couple of days that after a couple of episodes play, the screen will just go blank/black - won’t respond to any input from my remote, and nothing plays. I am still able to ssh into my N2 and restart kodi via ssh however.

I enabled debug logging to try and catch this issue, but of course I had to play a couple of episodes first for this to work, so my log is massive (can’t upload to pastebin or the like). Here is a link to my log, which should have all of the relevant info, hopefully that’s ok. I took a look through the logs and can’t really notice anything, but I’m certainly no expert. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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