Smartphone mp4 - wrong aspect ratio


not sure where to put this issue. I run Coreelec 9.2.7 on an ODroid N2+.

When playing mp4 videos as recorded in portrait-mode with my smartphone Samsung A8, the picture gets zoomed to fill the display resolution of 1920x1080 without black bars, with wrong aspect ration and strong distortion.

When playing the same mp4 on my win10 kodi 19, it’s correctly displayed with big black bars to frame the the portrait-picture. I started with Coreelec 9.2.5 and have only a few addons for netflix and the legal iptv-stuff. Ofc reencoding the mp4 helps, but thats only a bad workaround.

Also, I tried all those settings for video resolution while playing the video, but it seems as if they are not changing anything. The picture always just fills the complete fullhd-display.

Any idea?

Try with options in Kodi video settings: in-playback video settings

A workaround: The video setting usually includeds “orientation: from metadata”. The bug causes smartphone-videos in portrait to be streched to landscape. The workaroud is to set the orientation to 90° or 270°, as this issue only happens when the video is in portrait and the orientation is “from metadata” or 180°.

I call it only a workaround, since it has to be set/changed for each single videofile. Setting it as default will cause also all correct videos to be displayed wrong instead.

Another workaround would be to reencode the files - since smartphone videos usually are not of highest quality, the loss of quality should be negligible.

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