SMB asking for login details?

Hi All

New to coreelec but a long time Kodi veteran but all my other installs have been on windows machines.

When I create a video source in coreelec, select smb enter the ip address / path of my HTPC videos folder.

But then it asks me to save login credentials, I have never had this before and the HTPC is set up to allow any connections to the HDDs (all my other installs dont ask this and access fine).

Nothing I put in work.

A side issue, is there anyway in coreelec to access the android boxes internal storage?


Try setting Settings>CoreELEC>Services>Samba>Minimum supported protocol to SMB1 and reboot.

Is this a Windows share or what ??

SMB protocol didn’t work unfortunately.

Yes windows shares

I think this is case-sensitive.

Also, try rebooting router, PC and android box.

Reboot to internal can be accessed in the shutdown menu.

I have had to make a coreelec user account on the htpc with a password and it worked using that login.