SMB File transfers over 2GB fail

I have CoreElec 9.2.5 on an Odroid C2, with a 5TB USB drive connected. I don’t remember when it started, but I noticed it about 6 months ago. Whenever I try to copy a file greater than 2GB to the hard drive over the network, it fails while transferring, and sometimes has corrupted the file system to the point where I need to plug the drive into a computer and run scandisk. Copying the files directly to the drive from a computer works fine, and the movies play fine in CoreElec. Is this a known issue?

If you use a fat32 filesystem on the receiving side you can’t have more than 2G files.

Thanks for the response. I know FAT32 has limitations, but I think it’s ExFAT. Whatever it is, I can manually copy the file from a computer directly to the USB drive, and it works fine.

I would check your client. My best guess is that smb1 is used which has the limit of 2GB filesize. Depends what your clients support.

That sounded promising, but I have used two clients with the same result. One was FX under Android, and the other is just Explorer under Windows 8.1. For speed, everywhere I see a choice, I select SMB2 or SMB3. Coreelec is currently configured for SMB2 miniimum.

This is strange.

In a 2015 Kodi forum about OpenELEC/OSMC I read this: “keep away from EXFAT, better use NTFS if you’re using Windows or EXT3/4 if you’re on Linux or MacOS - OE/OSMC will read all of those”.

For many years I have thought that FAT/FAT32/EXFAT are not suitable formats for almost anything: only read-only data or sequential write data (photos, videos, …). I know that they are based on simple file allocation tables and any error in them leads to disaster, also they support very poorly the forced and unexpected shutdown of the devices.

I also have a 5TB-HDD USB disk and the first thing I did was format it to EXT4 because it is a robust format, because I will not move the device, because it is “my disk in the cloud” working 24/7, and because not it will be handled by Windows.

Thanks for the info! While I mainly just read data from the 5TB, it’s extremely convenient for me to copy files to the drive over the Network. If I was going to do something like OwnCloud, I’d definitely format EXT3/4. For this, I like the versatility of being able to copy files from Windows. I suppose I may have to live with the issue.

If you can’t live without Windows then format in NTFS. My wife always uses Windows and I prepared some Samba (read-only) and FTP (limited access) shortcuts for her on the desktop. Regarding OwnCloud I can tell you that I tested NextCloud under docker and the experience has been negative, it is too slow even with an Intel i5 processor. As an alternative to NextCloud I use syncthing because it works very fast and well with any processor, and is available for any device. I do remote access with WireGuard and ZeroTier.

CoreElec will recognize NTFS? I assumed it was proprietary, and any support, if existed, would be iffy at best.

CoreElec will recognize NTFS?: YES

Next cloud pushed my mini server over the edge as it kept running out of memory.

I started out with all my open media vault server disks formatted to fat32 for backward compatibility. It showed various playback issues ( lack of media playback controls been the main one). I eventually reformatted everything to ext4.


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