Snapclient with bluetooth audio


I’m trying to get snapclient (snapcast client) running on my CoreELEC box (Amlogic S912) with my bluetooth box as the output device.

Additional info:

  • CoreELEC version 18.9
  • Snapclient addon version 9.2.102
  • Snapclient version 0.15.0

So far I’ve got both up and running separetely:

  • snapclient connected to snapserver, playing music via non-bluetooth output
  • bluetooth box connected, plays everything BUT the snapclient output

Connecting via ssh and typing “snapclient -l” shows the available output devices. Those are the same as in the addon configuration site. Sadly, bluetooth output isn’t an option / listed.

Available options:

0: null
Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)

1: default:CARD=AMLM8AUDIO
Default Audio Device

2: sysdefault:CARD=AMLM8AUDIO
Default Audio Device

HDMI Audio Output

Can someone help out?

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