Software/hardware compatibility with CoreELEC

Hi guys, im considering pressing the button on a pre purchase of the Odroid N2 box, i currently have a Intel NUC running LibreELEC that for reasons i wont go into, i want to replace. As the Odroid N2 is obviously not a x86 box i wondered if somebody would be kind enough to comment on compatibility of hardware and software with CoreELEC (i realise the Odroid N2 isnt out yet, but general feedback for existing hardware would still be interesting)

  1. does TVHeadend server and client work ok on CoreELEC?
  2. will a USB IR receiver (i use the microsoft external MCE model) work ok with CoreELEC?
  3. do USB DVB-T tuners work ok in CoreELEC?
  4. is there support for Docker in CoreELEC (addon like LibreELEC?)

1 Yes to both
2 Yes
3 Many dvb-T cards are supported within CE, load the dvb modules addon and try the 4 options
4 Yes

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ok, well that sounds awesome!, i wasnt really expecting it all to just work :slight_smile: thanks a ton for the reply @Shoog

Not so fast. I think that DVB support on the N2 is currently a WIP at best.
So the answer to 3 is No.
The other questions, the answer is Yes.

is this true even for basic dvb-t usb tuners with the Afatech AF9033 chipset (libreelec did not require additional driver support for this).

edit - i found this post which looks interesting, so possibly i could manually load the firmware until dvb support is a bit more mature:-

I can’t say for certain, it may work and it may not.
@afl1 is our DVB guy, and he should probably be able to give you a better answer than me.

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just a quick follow up on this, i have my odroid n2 up and running and the usb dvb-t dual tuner adapters (i have two of them) both show up and work great, very happy!.