[SOLVED] 1080p/4k upscale by tv instead of s912


I’m reading many pages about this issues.

I’m using s912 h96 pro+ 3/32 device, running coreelec 8.95.7 release with Kodi v18 Leia (Release Candidate 4), a samsung Q9F tv (4k) via receiver (direct passthrough video).

For some reason I can’f figure out how to set the best videosettings so that:

  • 1080p movies are sent to tv as 1080P and TV will upscale them, instead of upscale 1080p-4k on s912.
  • 4k movies, are sent direct as 4K on tv.

I’ve put Kodi gui into 1080p, but for some reason i can’t find out, 4k is sent to tv as 1080p.
I’ve tried to change settings like Adjust display refresh rate/ Sync playback to display but but no luck yet.

is there a “simple” guide how to set this combination, so the TV will do all the upscaling, while mediabox will send it as direct to the tv? I want this because when box is doing the upscale, i see somethings slight issues in movies, which i didn’t see when i had just a 1080p tv. (off course then no 4K).

Turn off ‘Sync playback to display’, set ‘Adjust display refresh’ to start/stop, set your GUI to 1080p60 and check your whitelist settings and disable all (or if you know what are you doing then enable the choosen modes).

thanks, will do that.

and solved !!!