[SOLVED] 2.4ghz wireless controller issue: Button presses "sticking"

I recently purchased two different sets of wireless 2.4ghz gamepad controllers (SNES and PS2 dual shock). They seem to work ok until you hold down any of the buttons for a couple of seconds, and they tend to stick in kodi. For example, if I am scrolling down a list of movies and I hold the shoulder buttons for like 5 seconds (to mimic a page down), Kodi ce will continually scroll non stop. It will register other button presses but will continue pressing it. The only way to stop is to restart kodi.

It only appears to be issue with Kodi as well as Kodi retroplayer (which I believe is integrated into kodi). If I load retroarch from inside Kodi (which shuts off kodi on start, and restarts on exit), the buttons work as expected with no sticking.

I also have a couple of wired og Xbox controllers (jerry rigged the ends to usb) but they do not cause this issue. Something with the way the wireless 2.4g drivers interact with kodi seems to be an issue. I’ve tried the controllers on my main laptop and they work ok.

I am using the latest stable CE on Odroid C4.

Thought I’d provide an update. Turns out the issues are with some “analog” buttons such as the L2 and R2 on the dualshock ps2 controls as described in HOW-TO:Fix buttons skipped while mapping - Official Kodi Wiki. What I ended up doing is ignoring the mapping of these by not mapping L2 and R2 and everything works fine. Obviously this means I cant use L2 and R2 in Kodi or Kodi’s built-in Retroplayer but I use RetroArch instead so it works fine.

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