[SOLVED] Aml-vnc addon

Hello, I am trying to get remote access working, can see the UI but no control - keyboard or mouse.

  • Coreelec on Odroid C2
  • installed Amlogic-vnc add-on
  • access from Win 10 PC with VNCViewer

Is there any other service to be turned on or command? Thanks for any help.

You only need the Amlogic-VNC add-on. Maybe you mis-configured something in the add-on settings.
There is no mouse control, only keyboard control works.

Thanks for your input. I left the add-on settings on default - port 5900 and default authentication.
Are there other settings other than those on the add-on GUI? Something to be done on the PC side maybe…

@TheCoolest I just reinstalled the add-on and have keyboard controls! Thank you!

Hi, I am having similar issues with Amlogic VNC addon (the one that comes with latest stable 19.2 version). I can connect without issue, but no control, and the screen refreshes very slowly. Any changes to configuration I can make to improve on it? on the vnc viewer side?

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There is control, but it detects late, that is, there is delayed control.

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Hi this addon suddenly stopped working for me. Get a blank black screen on my windows client when I connect to the box.

Have you tried reinstalling the addon?