[SOLVED] Aml-vnc addon

Hi all,
I’m completely new with coreelec.
I have two htpc and a rpi 3 running libreelec.
Now I’ve buy 3 magicsee n5 box.
I’m testing the first one, installation of coreelec was really easy but I’m not able to connect to aml-vnc.
I’ve installed the addon:
ADDON: service.aml-vnc v9.0.100 installed
But I’m not able to connect. And I have no proccess listening on port 5900.

CoreELEC-HC:~/.kodi/temp # netstat -tulpn |grep 5900
CoreELEC-HC:~/.kodi/temp #

Am I missing something here ?

In the CoreELEC add-on there are some settings for firewall, maybe you need to change those.

I’ve got the same problem with CE (8.95.7) and VNC add-on. Nothing in netstat and the firewall is OFF.

There are two VNC addons in the “Services” section:

  • aml-vnc (9.0.3)
  • Amlogic VNC (9.0.100)

Only the first one works for me.

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I only have “Amlogic VNC (9.0.100)”. Yes, did a search and that was the only one found.

It seems, this version isn’t included in the stable repo.
Try this one from the nightly repo:


That version fails to install. Log shows:

11:47:32.013 T:3894403888 ERROR: Failed to unpack archive ’
zip://%2fstorage%2f.kodi%2ftemp%2fservice.system.aml-vnc-9.0.3.zip/service.system.aml-vnc/’ to ‘/storage/.kodi/addons/temp/e3052d55-8186-424d-8747-103f18b5bb1d’

EDIT: Downloaded it again and it installed and now working. Mouse however does not work but keyboard does.

Mouse is not supported by this addon.

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Fair enough, thank you.

Thank you very much it works like that!

“Amlogic VNC” has been fixed in the repository, thanks for reporting it.


I’m noticing the colors are not correct when using VNC. They look like this, when they should look like this one. .

Happens with both versions of VNC.

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afaik the colors are 16bit when using vnc and you can’t expect a full TV experience.
It’s only meant for quick and dirty management of your device.

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In my opinion, even in this state, it is extremely useful.
I think it’s necessary to have a default interface (like web-interface). This is really a very useful VNC addon.

Yours truly…

i use coreelec 9.0.1 and the 04042019 nightly on my mecool KI and K3Pro.
I can connect with tightvnc or newest vncviewer to both boxes, but enter button doesnt work, all other buttons are ok.
with addon keymap editor i cannot fix it.
aml-vnc 9.0.3 kszaq

somebody can help?

Works fine for me in VNCViewer

I’ve got the same issue with one of my N2s … 2 are working great, 1 doesn’t (enter not working, etc.)
Could you solve your problem?

its ultra slow 1 Frame per Minute… on my KI Pro… is there an alternative?


There’s a problem somewhere, check it out.

Best regards…

tryed it with 256 colors… works