[SOLVED] Disk Space decreasing

Hello there,

I’m on CoreELEC 8.95.6 and my available disk space is continuously decreasing (slow but steady). I use my device for Twitch, Youtube, Amazon Prime and Netflix for streaming (not downloading).

How can I clean space?

Thank you!

it simply addon_data, all the thumbnails and so on

How can i delete these addon data or temp. files? I can log into my device with WinSCP but there are no files visible in storage folders.

You still have oer 3/4 of space left on your device so I would not be that worred about it.

My device has 680MB of thumbs which is hover half the usage. Yes I could delete the Thumbnail directories and get the space back but the box would run like a dog as it re-downloads the items. Eventually all he space would get used up again as the thumbs came down.

Also there have been a couple of database upgrades lately that leaves an old version of the databases in the Database directory.

Look for an add-on called “Kcleaner”. Run a “Clean Library” every few months if you change your media files a lot.

there should be a folder called .kodi
WinSCp is not showing these in default configuration.

You could manually delete files from there, but it should not be necessary.

Thank you all. Kcleaner addon ist what I needed.