[SOLVED] Error trying to install from LE

Hi there, I’ve downloaded last CE 9.0.1, burnt it into an sdcard and tried to install it on my K1 Plus (S905) which is running last kszaq build LE

If I insert the SDcard and reboot the system, CE doesn’t boot from SDcard. This message appears:

Am I doing anything wrong?

This is kind of obvious…

You’ve tried to install LE on top of CE, a search of the forums would have shown you that it’s not possible to upgrade from 1 to the other.

You have LE Installed To Internal ???

You are trying to boot CE via Fresh burnt CE Image ???

execute fw_setenv upgrade_step 1 over SSH and reboot - this will make all u-boot variables go back to default values and thus disable SD and USB booting.

Then use Toothpick recovery method with CE Sd card inserted.
No guarantee this will work.
Just a theory i had.

No, that isn’t correct. I burnt a sdcard with the installation image, I’m no trying to upgrade the system, I’m trying to make a fresh install.

LE is installed into the internal, so I presume that I don’t need to use the toothpick anymore to boot from the sdcard slot as long as I did once. At least this works on my other Mecool M8S+ pro.

This is the output when I turn on the box with the sdcard inserted.

PS: I don’t know why this message isn’t being shown as a reply to adam’s message.

Yes, that’s it. I’ll try your solution and I’ll let you know if it works. Thank you!

I stupidly forgot to rename dtb for my device… So sorry for have opened this useless topic.

Thank you very much to you all.

Thanks for reporting your error.