[SOLVED] Export path persistence help

I’m using entware to install esphome on CE.

It installed successfully but wont start after rebooting.

In the instructions for installation it is said to issue this command if esphome is not found after installation

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin

and that To set this permanently, you can run

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin' >> $HOME/.bashrc

but this is not working in my case after a reboot.

I also tried adding the following to my autostart…

sleep 20
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin

but that didnt work either.

Any suggestions please?

Never mind, solved it. Saved the line to .profile and it works. Thanks to similar suggestion by @vpeter on another thread.

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An issue I am facing with this is that when I do this, the command line window keeps filling up with some text and if I press Ctrl C to exit it, the web interface disappears again.

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