{Solved}KI PRO & DVB-T can't scan all channels


I have a Mecool KI PRO with CE 8.95.2 but I have a problem with DVB-T Tuner and Tvheadend 4.2.6-7 ~ CoreELEC Tvh-addon v9.0.115 :

When I scan muxes, all of availables muxes in my area are OK, but only one can’t be scanned : the 618Mhz (and offsets like 618.166Mhz/618.167Mhz or 617.833Mhz)

But the real problem is that this mux is available on my PC (with Hauppauge DVB-T tuner) with full of signal strength and quality, with the same antena.

At this time you will said that the DVB-T of my Mecool KI PRO is bad quality … but in TVH the signal strength and quality during the scan are the same (even better) than all others muxes who are scanned with success :

618.167Mhz (FAIL scan) :

682.167Mhz (OK Scan) :

I use same parameters in theses muxes than successfull muxes.

And … so strange when I boot the box to Android with Mecool’s DTV application : the mux 618.167Mhz (Or 618.166Mhz) is scanned with success and I can watch channels on them.

I also set Max PID to 26 and it’s DVB-T (not DVB-T2 because in France we just have DVB-T)

Do you have any solution ?

Maybe a TVH bug?

Thanks by advance.

For pictures (because I can’t post more than 1 screenshot) you can go on https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/12325-8-2-4-1-libreelec-kodi-krypton-s905-s912-devices/?postID=99856#post99856

We use open source driver. In android is used copyrighted driver by Availink. For driver only adjustable parameters are delivery system, frequency and bandwidth. All other parameter are autodetected.
You can try to change bandwidth.

Sounds a bit like the same issue as here Missing DVB-T channels on KIII Pro .

Thanks for your answers
@afl1 I tested to change bandwith to all available values bests are 8mhz or 10mhz with SNR about 56% and signal strenght 85% but still fail
@Rascal yes it may be the same problem … but I i’m afraid about open the box :confused:

I add some more information. I have yet to solve completely my problems. After shielding the box I later discovered that as soon as I attach some cable to the HDMI and/or analog audio outputs, it starts to irradiate RF noise again, influencing every other DVB device in the neighboroud. This happens even if the other side of the cable isn’t attached to anything, or cables with ferrite cores are used, with the cable acting as an antenna and effectively bypassing the shielding. This doesn’t happen instead with the antenna cable. I don’t know why, but internally the RF part is on a different separated PCB, so it’s a different story. I even tried with a different power supply, no difference.

To put it simple, this device is a nightmare. I hope it’s just my own sample that has some problems, because if this is by design it means that this device is a total failure. Now I’m using it as is, but as soon as some new box with similar features will come out I will replace it, putting it in the place it deserves: the trashbin.

Thanks again to the CoreELEC developers for their support.

Good news for me
Since 8.99.x update of CE, TVheadend could scan successfully the 618Mhz muxes ! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot