[SOLVED] Le potato and spdif out

I got the le potato board libre AML-S905X-CC and i can see that it got a spdif header on the board.
Is it possible to get sound out of it? I tried connecting it to my surround set but nothing happened. I dont have hdmi on it.
Just wondering if its possible, or else im getting a hdmi extractor instead

@daxue may be able to answer this, I have a Potato myself but it is not something I have tested.

I am only familiar with the hardware itself. It is wired to the SPDIF out GPIO. Make sure that the connector you are using is taking in 3.3V GPIO signals and not some other voltage. Whether it is enabled in the device tree for CoreELEC, I have no idea.

Are you trying with a coaxial cable or with a toslink cable?

Can you show a picture of how you tried to connect it? On both ends.

spdif out should be enabled.

I have just wired a toslink connector to the 3 pins next to the hdmi connector.
There isn’t much light in the connector tho.
I used this site for info

I got it working using coax instead of toslink. I need to upgrade my surround system, so i dont have to tinker with these things :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s good to hear you got it working.

Out of curiosity which transmitter where you trying to use? Was it a random salvaged one or did you get a new one such as the PLT133/T10W

The SPDIF signal is still a CPU-pin, which is unable to drive a 75Ohms coax line directly. So you need a driver stage between cpu pin & Coax output. Without, this overstress may damage the CPU.
With optical transmitter (e.g. the one linked by cdu13a), it’s much simpler. Just connect the three signals to the transmitter, that’s it.

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I use one from a hifiberry dac board to test with.

@ rho-bot Hmm thats not good. :thinking:

I tried the toslink again. I need a new soldering station. Now its working with toslink. So no problems.

Now i just need to find a case where there is room for a toslink output