[Solved] LG C9 Magic Remote button mapping

is there a way to see TV Remove Button mapping ?
Using latest CoreElec nightly, on a N2+ if that matters.
Edit : solved using Keymap_Editor addon

You can set the remotes stb setting and then you will have to manually map the remote presses to some functions.
I have done this before but I didn’t like that CEC is not working then.

Thx, can you explain how ?

There are several HowTo’s about collection of new remotes. Use the search function. My TV is a LG B8 but should be similar. You can setup a STB remote for every input. I think I used LG Bluray Player because it had the most buttons working.

I’m using the magic remote with CEC and I can use the four colour button (stop, play/pause, codec info and popup menu) with keymap editor

You talking about the Keymap_Editor addon ? Everytime i used it i ended up “breaking” the default mapping and couldn’t navigate to any menu. Can you please share your config file ?

Yes. You cannot break it. I use it from the beginning and never has any problem.

You are right, i was misusing the Keymap_Editor addon : instead of simply mapping the “missing” buttons, i used to remap also the “good” ones.
My bad using the Keymap_Editor addon was the solution !