[SOLVED] Mecool KM9 PRO (S905X2) no power ON

Hello. I have a problem with Mecool KM9 PRO when shutting down coreelec. In the OS adndroid, the TV BOX is off (lit red) and can also be turned on. When I turn off the TV BOX in CoreELEC, it turns purple and cannot be turned on. I feel it is in sleep mode because it should glow red when it is off. The IR driver setting is OK - Key_power. Is there another command to turn off the TV BOX? Ideas?

How do you turn the box off in CoreElec ?
What happens when you turn it off via Power menu ?

In Android OS I will turn off - TV BOX turns off and glows red. In OS CoreElec I will turn off and TV BOX will “turn off” but it glows purple and it cannot be turned on via IR remote control. It can only be switched on by disconnecting and plugging in the AC adapter.

When the TV BOX is red, it can be turned on using IR (Android OS). When lit purple, IR cannot be turned on (CoreELEC)

Curious. I have the same device, and I have the problem that with every boot of CE, there is a message saying something like “CEC: Could not initialize Pulse Eight adapter, please check your settings” …
Probably, this is the reason why my TV is not switched of when I power down the box.
In an attempt to fix this, I followed the inject_bl301 procedure. The problem remained, and, I couldn’t power on the box via my remote anymore. I reversed the inject_bl301 patch (via the backup .bin file, explained in the procedure documentation), and now I’m able to switch the box on again via my remote.

Thank you. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Hi, how did you manage to solve the problem ???
When using BL301 injection, I can’t wake up the box while sleep.
When the box is turned off, it turns on.

I have the same problem with a KM9 Classic.
I have got the BL301 injection to work, but then in android mode after powering off the box doesnt power on with the power key. Remove the bootload back to original and can power up the box in Andriod but not in CE.
Also in CE when i power down the box (via the menu or the remote) with or without BL301 the LED goes bluish purple.
When powering off on Andriod the box goes red as its supposed to.