[SOLVED] N2 stuck at Coreelec boot screen

UPDATE: I managed to solve the boot issue. For some very odd reason he had a very old and probably wrong dtb. Perhaps something went wrong during the update.
Anyway, I copied over the correct one and system up and running fine now.

I put together an N2 box with emmc for my friend. It is was working fine, while he called me a few days ago that he thinks there was an update and now everything is stuck at Coreelec boot logo. He restarted, nothing.
The box is with me now. It doesn’t go past the logo, just hangs there. I don’t have any backup of his system. Is there a way I can make the emmc bootable? Or access the content of the emmc and put update image there on a Linux machine?
Or the last options: since I can’t access Kodi, is there a way I can make a backup of the emmc Kodi and resotre that on a fresh install?

First, it would help to know which CE version and what addons were installed.
Second, you can make a fresh installation on an uSD card, and when CE boots from uSD and finishes installation you can access all folders on eMMC installation. Then you can inspect what addons were installed, copy to an USB stick all user data, inspect what could be the problem, and so on…
Btw, when adding STORAGE and ROOT partitions and looking at all folders in Kodi file manager there should be 2 storage and 2 root folders. The problematic ones on eMMC should show in CAPITAL letters; that’s how it is on my N2…

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