[solved] Power off the Odroid N2 together with TV, but do not power on

Hi guys,

I have set up the CEC so I can power off and on the Odroid N2 (CoreELEC 9.2.2) together with my TV Samsung le46c650, which is connected via Denon X1000. (N2 -> (HDMI) -> Denon -> (HDMI) -> TV). But I would like to only power N2 off together with TV. I do not want to power it on always when I power on TV (I use N2 rarely, so I do not want useless consume the energy). I tried several options in Settings/System/Input/Peripherals/CEC Adapter, but without success.

  1. Do you know by chance if this option would be possible?

The second part of this issue is how to power N2 on.
2A. Is it possible to customize (keymaps/remote.xml) my remote control with dedicated button to power the N2 on? Then it need to be in suspend mode or completely shutdown?
2B. Is it possible to power on the N2 somehow with Kore app? I tried to wake it up, but without a success.

Basically what is the difference If I shutdown the N2 or suspend it when I would use the option in Settings/System/Input/Peripherals/CEC Adapter? I feel that the device is somehow warm even I do not use it, therefore I would like to tune the power on/off procedure.

  1. What is your recommendation/set-up, how you power on/off the N2 when using it sporadically?


you could try setting the governor to ondemand. I think the on/off command is 113 in remote.conf. But i don’t think you can set it on the same button as your tv remote power button. But you can try. It’s either your tv’s remote or the box remote. Again, try the newest nightly, maybe it has better cec support.

I solved it somehow differently.

As it was recommended here already, I use the Shutdown function timer in Power_saving. So after 5 minutes the N2 goes to Suspend mode and does not consumes much power. Then it wakes-up with CEC in case I need it.