[SOLVED] Problem setting rtc on c2

Hi all,
I recently installed coreelec on my c2 and everything is working perfectly except for the rtc shield (pcf8563 from HK).
I see the ‘rtc_fpc8563’ module is present but it is missing ‘aml_i2c’ so no rtc device is created in /dev.
Not sure if aml_i2c is built-in to the kernel but when I modprobe rtc_fpc8563 it doesnt give me any error and lsmod show it is not loaded.
I just checked last nightly build and it is the same.
Any chance to get aml_i2c built as a module in a future version of CE?
I had a LE custom build (from a few years back on odroid forums) previously where I could set up the rtc.
Thank you for everything! coreelec is awesome!

It’s likely your problem is that the the pcf8563 is disabled by default.

Give the following a try.

mount -o remount,rw /flash
fdtput -t s /flash/dtb.img /i2c@c1108500/pcf8563@51 status "okay"
mount -o remount,ro /flash

Thanks cdu13a

I actually did that for sure :slight_smile: As I said I have previously had it working on an old LE build (pre CE I think it was raybuntu build)
But no rtc0 device was created this time…

I will try again on a new install and see if I did any mistakes anywhere. I just installed HK’s official ubuntu to make sure my shield was still working and it does work.

So I retried and it is still the same…

CoreELEC:~ # modprobe aml_i2c
modprobe: FATAL: Module aml_i2c not found in directory /lib/modules/3.14.29
CoreELEC:~ # modprobe rtc_pcf8563
CoreELEC:~ # lsmod|grep rtc
CoreELEC:~ #

and for sure hwclock doesnt work :wink:

Instead of editing the dtb try adding the following to your config.ini file then rebooting.

You also really shouldn’t need all the modprobe stuff.

just did that and no change… but thanks nonetheless

and when I look at dmesg I get this:

CoreELEC:~ # dmesg |grep rtc
[    0.440307@1] drivers/rtc/hctosys.c: unable to open rtc device (rtc0)
CoreELEC:~ #

I unfortunately don’t have the rtc shield, I’m digging through my box of IC to see if I have an
pcf8563 ic to try with instead.

The thing is nothing has changed in relation to this in something like 2 years.

Everything should be there.

Well it was a community build of LE that enabled it. Ill try and find that thread on the HK forums.
But to me it seems that it is just missing aml_i2c module
I would love to try and build CE myself but I aint familiar with the build process for LE/CE

EDIT : just realised that you got it right in your previous answer putting rtc_shield=1 in config.ini works as well. I dont know how I managed to typo that, but I did… And I suppose that keeps my settings even when I upgrade?

I got it to work :slight_smile:
I feel like an idiot… Answer was in boot.ini…
@cdu13a that maybe what has changed in 2 years cause I remember having to patch dtb myself.

setenv rtc_shield "0"
if test "${rtc_shield}" = "1"; then fdt set "/i2c@c1108500/pcf8563@51" status ok; else fdt set "/i2c@c1108500/pcf8563@51" status disabled; fi

Basically it was overwriting the change I made to dtb every time it booted…
Anyway changing

setenv rtc_shield "1"

I am now getting

CoreELEC:~ # dmesg |grep rtc
[    0.277820@1] rtc-pcf8563 1-0051: chip found, driver version 0.4.3
[    0.278513@1] rtc-pcf8563 1-0051: rtc core: registered rtc-pcf8563 as rtc0
[    0.425238@3] rtc-pcf8563 1-0051: setting system clock to 2020-02-03 11:19:36 UTC (1580728776)
CoreELEC:~ #

thanks for your help cdu13a!!

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