[SOLVED] Scrapers return wrong language

Hi there,
I’m having some problems with all scrapers I’m trying to use (TMDB / TMDB for TV Shows / TMDB Concerts).
I’ve installed the latest CE release (9.0.1) over my Minix Neo U9-H and everything goes fine except these scrapers that return with wrong language. I’ve set properly italian languange but they still scrape with english. I’ve tries also to open settings.xml under the metadata.themoviedb.org folder but seems everything it’s ok.
Any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

Same problem here with CE 9.0.1 on KI and KIII Pro :frowning:
When I select Fr in tmdb for movies, all informations are in english :frowning:

No Problem here with CE 9.01 on KI and German language.
Since I have mixed German/English content define the language per folder.

So try to set the language for your tvshow folder rather then in TMDB settings.

Thanks, kindly… can you explain me how to do that?
Thanks in advance!

Solved: now scrapers works fine in my language (italian), just rescanning completely the library. In the previous time I always imported a saved librariy so… probably it had some DB errors. Unfortunately I’ve lost all informations I’ve added manually to the movie titles like ‘extended, director’s cut’ etc. but it’s ok for me. Just seems ‘metadata.themoviedbconcert.org-6.0.0’ not work 'cause when I try to update my concert library it return ‘unable to connect to server’. Hope someone found that useful anyway.