[SOLVED] Shutdown.sh not working with USB (unmounted)


please help me. I want to make a backup before shutdown but CE unmounts USB drive before apllying shutdown.sh.

How to resolve that?


Manytimes (mostly) I think the forum is almost useless including a very bad experience with just one CE team member, the rest is great so hope they will appreciate my help here. Resolved with another sh file called from shutdown.sh if anyone want to resolve this too:

DEVICE=$(blkid | awk '/LABEL="custom label"/{print $1}' | tr -d ":")
MOUNTDIR="/var/media/custom label"

mkdir -p "$MOUNTDIR"
mount -t exfat "${DEVICE}" "${MOUNTDIR}"

unmounted with:

if [ $# -eq 1 ]
  cd /
  umount "${MOUNTDIR}"

So hope this (from my friend) helps to anyone with a similar need.

Happy to see that you found the answer to your problem by yourself. You have to understand that patience is a virtue and people do get assistance here, from the devs or from other users.
So thank you for posting the solution, it will certainly help others that face similar problems.

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