[SOLVED] Slow torrenting


I have installed a few days ago torrent client (transmission than changed to deluge) from https://github.com/thoradia/thoradia

Initially torrents on odroid were running at like 130% (17mb/s) of my usual speeds compared to my laptops (12mb/s, linux/mac).

Odroid n2 wired connection downloading to one of external hdd, laptops over wifi.
After few days torrents started throttling to stupid slow speeds like 50kb/s overall where my internet connection was fine as usual. I thought that maybe my ISP has some throttling mechanism on torrents only so I thought ok fair enough Ill just wait few days and the problem should go away. After few days the propblem didnt go away so I tested same torrent (ubuntu) on both odroid and my laptop and guess what, laptop full speed, odroid 20kb/s. At that point I switched to deluge but that did not change a thing. Moved all downloads to other disk, no change. Paused all seeding torrents and downloading 1 atm, 6kb/s connected to 36 of 51 other seeds :frowning:

Rebooting modem, odroid, disks does not solve the issue…

Any suggestions what could be the issue here?

I did find something odd the other day that might be worth testing as I had a similar problem to do with Docker. I run a TP-Link Archer A7 router and discovered that the UDP Flood protection was kicking in and locking out the IP address of my N2+ from time to time. Not saying its the issue not knowing your setup, but checking your router for DOS protection settings and experimenting turning them off might help.

Secondly ditch Deluge and go back to Transmission, its more lightweight and not so much of a resource hog.

I did revert to transmission when I found the fault which was the ticked option of alternate bandwidth options set 50KB/s :facepalm: It took me way to long and frustration reached its limits. What I dont understand is how I managed to apply download limit of 50kb to both transmission and deluge without even knowing it :thinking:

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Always the way

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