Some channels from Unitymedia/Vodafone Germany are pixelated

Some channels from Unitymedia/Vodafone Germany are pixelated since about 1 week.
The problem occurs on the following type of devices with the latest stable build and the latest nightly build of CoreELEC:

  • Odroid C2
  • 905W no name box

The problem also occurs on Live-TV, but also when you play the TS-file from the local harddrive.
A clean installation was done for every device, but the problem is still there.
I think Unitymedia/Vodafone might have change a small thing on their side.
As soon as you siable hardware accelleration the problem is gone.

Record which helps to describe the problem: Sky Sport News HD
Original TS-Sample which is causing the problem: TS-Sample
Debug Log user 1:
Debug Log user 2:

It looks like a decoder issue. My Odroid N2 with 4.9 Kernel can playback your file fine. Not sure if this can be fixed. Odroid C2 is also using a very old gxbb SoC which was EOL by Amlogic. If the fix needs updated closed source ucode there is nothing to be done.