Some Youtube Videos Stutter

Hello there,
During the last days i noticed that some Youtube videos stutter on coreelec using the Youtube addon and my Odroid N2.
I’m not really sure where the error comes from, so before opening an issue on the Youtube app’s Github i wanted to ask you.

I found 2 Videos where i can constantly reproduce this issue:
[A german rap video]

[A jazz youtube auto-generated video]

  • I tried it in 1080p and it stutters, this happens really often to me with those auto-generated youtube music videos

CPU and RAM usage looks unproblematic to me, Internet should be fine, cause my Odroid N2 is attached to Gigabit Ethernet and the video decoder is always “AM-VP9(HW)”.
I am really confused about this whole thing, because it happens so random and nevertheless reproducible.

Maybe you can tell me where the issue is?
Here is my Kodi log:

Maybe the video player info could be interesting?

I don’t know how to deal with it, but I want to pay attention to it

Have you got adjust refresh rate turned on ??

Yes that’s correct, should i try it without it enabled?

No, The enabled is correct.
I get some time I’ll have a shot with those youtube vids.
Problem is i only have 1080p TV.
Just played one of the streams on my PC and noticed Codec VP9 .

Yeah this would be perfect, just to know if i’m the only one who can reproduce this problem.
I’ve just reinstalled my Coreelec installation and will try the videos again, maybe something changed.

what a cool dispmediainfo!

how do i get it? Do I give the right person a beer?

Right click a video in a browser (not CE) and select stats for nerds.

Offf… . is it possible to add in dispmediainfo(CE) connection speed, network activity and buffer health?

I think this mostly depends on the kodi video player, but a cool idea tho :slight_smile:

Kodi PlayerDebugInfo
Pressing ctrl+ Shift+o on a keyboard

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Okay I’ve just testes it again with the reinstalled coreelec version.
The first video seems to be fine, but the second jazz video has the problems like always.
with the new debug info, I found out, that the vq value stays always at ±90% but the aq value goes down slowly to 0% every 10 sec.
the a/v value increases steadily for that time.