Something happens with CE - Very slow operation

Something happens with CE

I have multiple S912 devices and one S905X3. Since nightly version 20200718, including stable versions CE 9.2.4 and CE I have had problems. The system becomes terribly slow to such an extent that CoreELEC cannot be used on a single very old S912 Acemax M12N device (year 2016 - 2/16GB - 100 Mbps - dtb: gxm_q201_2g.dtb).

Taking into consideration that after a reset the system worked fine but it became slow just at the moment the screensaver was automatically activated, I have stopped using it.

After stopping using the screensaver (screensaver used: Dim) everything seems to work fine in the last 24h..

Do you have any settings related to screensaver options in CEC settings enabled ??

I only ask as we have had some issues with CEC mainly
Switch source to this device on start up being OFF

I think that “Switch source to this device on start up” was always OFF.

It may be related to "Seconds standby is delayed after Screensaver is activated = 0 ???

Also now as a precaution I have disconnected CEC.

I have been able to reproduce the failure (terribly slow device) on other S912 devices that previously worked fine as follows:

  • CEC Adapter activated: ON
  • Seconds standby is delayed after Screensaver is activated = 10

To solve the fault it is necessary to put

  • Seconds standby is delayed after Screensaver is activated = 0
  • and restart the device

It is already fixed. Will be in the next build.


I have the same problem with my X96 Max Plus, with the update everything was slow, after understanding that the problem was with the HDMI-CEC I had to turn it off to use it again. I expect a brief solution to this problem.

It’s already fixed.

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Will it come out in a next release, in a nightly release, or will it reflect will be released during the next days, which includes this fix.

Thanks for the feedback, so I love this community! ! !

Sorry for the delay we have one other issue we need to fix. We have a fix but it needs testing.

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