Sound does not work?

Hi all, just received my ODROID N2 box today, having an odd issue though.

Anything i play, and i mean anything sounds like the audio is running in slow motion or slowed down, and constantly cuts in and out???

Whats with that?

Coreelec 9.2.0

Sound just running through tv on hdmi

Make sure you select 2.0 channels in audio settings.
There may also be an option to sync audio to display, need to disable that.

Ok it was already on 2.0, but played with it and its now working.

So what do i do if i want 2.1? which is what i have?

How is your audio device connected to the box?
But basically you will need to install the latest nightly and use the Multi Ch PCM audio device.

Heya, its connected straight from the tv using TOSLINK. I am using the latest nightly build but dont get an option for Multi Ch PCM audio device ??.

It came up once but its vanished now so back to 2.0 sound ?

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Ok. If you’re connected to the TV, using LPCM will have 0 benefit.
Stick to HDMI and 2.0 channels. Enable HDMI passthrough if your optical “receiver” supports formats such as Dolby Digital or DTS.

Thats what im already doing, just updated with nightly build and the multi channel option is back.

Strange. Only had it a day and have 10 things i need to sort already lol

I too have this effect on 9.2.0 with HDMI connected to Pioneer. Audio Settings set to 5.1 channels with passthrough enabled.
I will see if the hints in this thread will help, tomorrow.

Yeah ive gone back to stable, the multi channel option works but keeps vanishing, so rather pointless really.

Dont quite get why something as simple as sound doesnt even work right? am i missing something?

Yes, the most important thing, your logs to see what’s going on, as I (and many others) have no sound problems on my N2…

Golden rule for asking help on a forum -> no logs => no problem

No the sound works fine set to 2.0 channel, but have to use the nightly build for 2.1, sometimes works sometimes doesnt, i have lots of other things to sort out on this thing yet, most of which i don`t have a clue how to do, sound will have to wait. youl see alot of how do i do this posts :slight_smile:

There should not be a problem with “missing” LPCM audio device. It’s all hard coded in the image.

I have no idea what you mean by LPCM lol, the only option on the menu that works for me is HDMI and 2.0

Thats all i can tell you.

If i install nightly build i can sometimes use 2.1 sound if i select multi channel option, but it just keeps disappearing so is pointless.

I don’t understand how that option “keeps disappearing”.

The LPCM is always there but the Multi Channel just vanishes, its a shame as the 2.1 sound was amazing.

Sorry, no idea what you’re talking about.
No logs, no screenshots showing the problem >> no problem.

lol, forget it, i just upgraded to the nightly, and currently multichannel and 2.1 is working, ill try not to touch it.