Source Resolution Mod 4

I have Minix Neo U9-H and the latest CoreELEC.

I have noticed that it does not scale mod 4 videos perfectly.

For example if your video is 1920 x 804, you get an artifact on the last bottom line. If you crop the same source mod 8, for example 1920 x 808, it shows it properly.

Any idea if CoreELEC has problems showing mod 4 videos?

As far as I know it’s a limitation of the hardware decoder.

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Oh, ok, Thanks. So I’m not imagining things. it’s a known issue? Surprised I didn’t see it mentioned here before. It’s a huge thing. Is it a limitation of AmLogic S912? Is there any newer Amlogic that doesn’t have this limitation?

Just do a forum search for “bottom line”. You will find a lot posts with the same problem.

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Thanks. I looked at the other threads and asked the appropriate question there.

But one question remains and was not answered. Does this happen on all AmLogic hardware?

All AML hardware uses the same firmware for video decoding. If you can convince Amlogic to fix it we…

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