Source too slow vs. Mediainfo video bitrate

I’ve noticed a correlation that when Mediainfo does not display the video bitrate of a 4K m2ts file copied from UHD Blu-ray disc, I get “source too slow” interruptions in playback from NAS. When it is displayed, there is no problem with playback. (video bitrate is different parameter from file bitrate which always seems to be displayed.)

Does anyone know of a tool that would let me set the video bitrate metadata in an m2ts file? tsmuxer keeps it if it’s in the source, but doesn’t add it.

Or does anyone have an explanation for the correlation?

(Similar post in Kodi forum got no response. Kodi on Windows doesn’t have the same behavior so it seems to be at least somewhat distro dependent.)

Welp. This is probably a wild goose chase. Found some files that playback fine even though the video bitrate is not displayed. Still curious why the bitrate is shown for some and not others, but that’s more of a Mediainfo thing than a CE thing. Also would very much still like to know why some files with similar bitrates on the same disk on the same server play fine and others get periodic “source too slow” interruptions.

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