Spidev @ CoreELEC 9.2.2

Hello to the community,

At CoreELEC 9.2.1, I was able to activate SPI / spidev by dtb overlay, see https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-n2/application_note/gpio/spi#tab__odroid-n2.
I was also trying to enable it at 9.2.2, but the proposed method does not work anymore:
CoreELEC-N2:~ # fdtput -t s /flash/dtb.img /soc/cbus@ffd00000/spi@13000/spidev@0 status “okay”
Error at ‘/soc/cbus@ffd00000/spi@13000/spidev@0’: FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND

Is there any other possible way, or do I have to recompile kernel and/or dtb?


There is no spidev node, it was removed in nighties some time ago, we can add it back if you require it but I’m curious what is your use case for it?

Hi Adam,
thanks for your answer.
I was building a little retro sound system a few years ago, using an external SPI display connected to a C2. After switching to N2, I was still able to use my previous add-ons without any porting effort.
So, it would be great to have spidev node back, or do you have any other suggestions for SPI communication?


I will send you a dtb to try later.

Great, thanks a lot.