SpinUp Disks on remote server on Corelec Start

I got a little server with spun down disks. This server hosts all Plex data, TVHeadend, runs a Samba and NFS server. So quite some services.

I’d like to have those disks running when I start up the Coreelec client, and keep them running. Any idea what would be the best way to do it?

I’m by no means likely to be close to right but have coreelec pull up something that monitors for disk changes. I know those options are open on emby server and syncthing, is it just to save the spin up time?

Or move the server to coreelec, it’s not really gonna make a difference. Keep tvheadend on the other maybe. As I say no expert just read a lot and trial and error.

The server will be running as is. It’s a server running 24/7. The coreelec client is tiny arm SOC not meant to act as a server.

CoreELEC device should just access or write something on the server periodically. With systemd script for example.

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