SSD fstrim service

Guys, can you help me with setting up an fstrim service for my SSD in Coreelec?

My SSD supports TRIM, this I know, but I don’t know how to enable fstrim in a way so it is performed for example once a week and safely so I don’t lose any data.

Fstrim service starts on every boot and do it’s job.
If you need to run periodically you could restart service from cron:

systemctl restart fstrim.service

Thanks for the info @vpeter.

So basically a reboot once a week would be enough? (my odroid is always on).

What do I have to put into scripts folder to reboot the device once a week?

Once again, thanks for helping me every single time and bearing with my noob questions.

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Thanks a lot, got it.

Also, this helped me with scheduling: - The cron schedule expression editor__*

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