Ssh error message

Hi, I’m trying to install coreelec on to an emmc in a La Potato via ssh using my Debian 12 desktop., but I keep getting an error message “sh: line 1 ip address: command not found”. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

I think you will have to write just a little more what command actually you used.

I used the command listed in the Coreelec guide " ssh root@coreelec (ipaddress)
Then I entered yes to the “accept the hostkey”
I then entered y password. Thats when I got the “sh: line 1 ip address: command not found” error message. I thought I might be using the wrong password, but when I did use the wrong password,it gave an error message specific to that.

Read the manual again - use the correct IP address.

ssh root@

You can’t be serious? You did enter IP address instead the IP?

Ok, I’m a idiot, feel free to mock me mercilessly. I took the instructions too literally.
I entered ssh root@coreelec then the ip address. Instead of root@(ip address) I feel likae an idiot. Now if I can ask one more dumb question, When I started coreelec I went ahead and update to version 20.4. when I used the “lepotatotoemmc” command,I got the message -sh: lepotatotoemmc: command not found. After checking other post I see that this feature isn’t included in some builds. Should I revert to a earlier version to install on my emmc and then upgrade after its running?
And yes I did enter the ip address,I just typed root@coreelec before the ip address.

I am not sure if this is the correct way. Maybe @TheCoolest knows more as he have such board.

@hangbelly Sadly I don’t have a emmc module on my Le Potato, but according to the wiki, which we probably did not update for CE 20.x, the lepotatotoemmc script was broken. I assume it was never fixed and never included in newer CE builds.
So the same workaround suggested for Matrix should probably work for Nexus.

HAHAHAHAAAA,I’ve done it in a round-about way.No ssh, no error messages. I loaded Armbian onto a sd card and loaded it into a Libre Renegade,installed the emmc, and used Disks to load Coreelec onto the emmc. Then I shut down the Renegade, installed the emmc into the Potato and it booted right up. So,in a way, the issue is solved,just not in a way I imagined.

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