SSH Tunnel from Coreelec?

Is there a way to create a SSH Tunnel from Coreelec?
I am using a X96Air. Everything has worked from day one, very happy with Coreelec, but I do need a SSH tunnel and I am not a savvy programmer.
Right now I use Putty, on a PC, to create a tunnel, but it would be so cool if it could be initiated from Coreelec.
A friend, familiar with Linux, tried with a script using, but only parts of the script loaded after reboot.
I wish there was a SSH Tunnel plugin

Explain more what you are trying to do.

Connect my Plex plugin to a friends Plex server via a jumphost within his network.

Well, you just need to setup local forwarding using -L and use keys to connect without password.

An encryption key is also needed, but that part is already working. High security :slight_smile:

…and the -L, I think, is also working from Coreelec. It is the root, password, ./tunnel, screen commands I need to have in a script that executes after a reboot (maybe a bit delayed)

-L is working just fine.

I need to speak to my Linux programmers friends. How will the password come in into the logon string of commands if I use -L?. I really do not want to use a command prompt every time I need to establish the tunnel.

You use SSH key in such case.

SSH Key?
not sure what that is

Thanks. So SSH Key + -L will create the Tunnel?

Clarification: I want my SSH Tunnel script to run automatically when Kodi starts.

Use with some delay or better with some clever loop until network is up.

I think that is what my programmer friend tried to do, but it did not take, for some reason or other…
The script runs, he demonstrated by adding “Hello World” to the script, but the tunnel part does not take. ( the same tunnel worked manually…)

The script runs at boot and also with a delay

Sorry for my ignorance, I have long used CoreELEC’s SSH/SFTP server and various SSH/SFTP clients to remotely configure the system. I still don’t know what you’re doing or what for.

I want my Coreelec box (a 96Air) to automatically log on to my friends remote Plex server via a SSH Tunnel on startup. I do not want to have to use Putty on a PC, logged on to my Coreelec via SSH, to perform the task of creating the tunnel to my friend’s Plex server. I want a script, that autostarts with Coreelec, to establish the tunnel to my friend’s Plex server (via a jumphost within his LAN) We are both on 1 Gbit connections with fixed IPs. Again, the script my friend wrote Almost worked, but there must be a bug that prevents it from working perfectly

But it´s not a CE bug.
You can use the

Why not post whole script to see some error. Remove IP address and other personal data.