Stability over days and weeks

How do you guys maintain stability over days and weeks? In general our boxes are running 24/7, so does mine. To meet the WAF factor the box and Kodi should be “there” when the TV is turned on, without the need of creeping on the knees and do a power cycle.

I’m not using the Box / Kodi for much. It’s only for live TV and recoreded TV as a connection to my TVHeadend server, using the TVH plugin. Nothing else. Netflix, Emby, Amazon Prime are on my Apple TV.

I was never able to run a box more than one week without something being crashed at some point. Not Libreelec / OSMC on a RasPi, nor Coreelec on my Magicsee N5.

I read many people have stuffed Kodi with many plugins, me not. Having only weather and the TVH plugin included. CEC is disabled, I’m using my Loigitech Harmony via Bluetooth.

I’m now playing with cron reboots and Kodi restarts every night to see if that helps. A nightly full reboot comes back with Bluetooth not working (although it’s enabled), so the remote is gone. Just changed it to just restart Kodi, let’s see how that goes.

What do you guys do to have your box always running when it needs to be?

For me:

  1. Don’t stick tons of stuff on that I don’t need / use (sounds like the same as you)
  2. If it does crash enable debug logging in advancedsettings (so no crappy text on-screen) and if it repeats investigate - poke it with a stick until I find out why / remove the cause
  3. Map a remote button to restart (and/or reboot) via irexec, so if kodi fails it’s easy (for anyone) to restart.
    I’ve done #2 for years and expect libreelec / coreelec to just chug along - often for months at a time…

I just turn it on via (Harmony) remote. When I don’t need it, I turn it off via power menu, and it stays plugged to power adapter all the time.
I disconnect the power supply only when doing something hardware related on the box, and since I have no need to have the box on 24/7 this works for me perfectly.

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Don’t need mine on full time either. Using the wake from IR function available with the N2 I can do a full shutdown and wake-up from the remote. Though at some point I’d like to run TVHeadend on the same box and start recording stuff on a schedule so in that case it would have to be on all the time.

Mines been on 24/7 for a few months now, it only gets restarted for updates. It’s a s912 with overclock enabled and a case fan mod. Never had any issues at all with over heating or crashes and it’s always ready straight away I just have to change the AV input on the tv and CE is there waiting. Had to do this for a neat install (its buried deep behind my tv)… before CE i had LE Installed and running 24/7 for well over a year without any issues on the same box.

How do you wake the box up with the Harmony? AFAIK the Bluetooth does not support a wake-up, I’m open to try different strategies. But it may depend also on the particular box hardware.

My Logitech Harmony 650 is an IR remote…

OK, got it! I’ve coupled mine via Bluetooth (Harmony Hub) which is ways better in reactivity. I think I can’t route just the power on via IR and the rest to the same device via Bluetooth … but maybe I can add another virtual device doing this. I’ll think about it in case the nightly Kodi restarts do not help.

For months I have not had any problems working 24/7. Since the last update 9.0.2 from time to time Kodi has been frozen and I had to review the crash log files and uninstall many addons that did not work well. I still have not solved the problem because Kodi still restarts from time to time during the local TV viewing without the screen going to turn off.

In spite of everything, the servers tvheadend, oscam, sftp, samba and ssh work always well so I do not have any problem in the functioning of CoreELEC as a server. I’m really surprised by this.

I have CoreELEC configured on a USB SSD, with a single fixed and permanent resolution of 1280x720p50Hz from the start that I think is enough, ethernet cable network connection, activated bluethoot, automatic daily restart and EPG load. I have no problem with this, only with Kodi.

29/05/2019: Finally, I have been able to eliminate almost all the errors in /storage/.kodi/temp and the one that remains does not seem to interfere with CoreELEC’s progress. I have disconnected the error log because I believe that the operation will now be perfect.