Standby mode?

In Android, I can set my Power button to just “sleep”. That works well for my wireless mini keyboards with 2.4GHz USB dongles. In CoreElec, “sleep” turns off the USB ports too, so I can’t wake the box up with the mini keyboard. Is there a way to tweak the config so sleep mode keeps the USB alive?

No, Android does only switch of the screen and does not sleep. So more like a screen saver.
CE does really enter and it depends on hardware if USB power is switched of or not. If possible you can inject bl301 what get you this option.
USB wakeup is not supported at all on embedded platform.

Thanks, I may try that. But actually, CEC wakeup is working, so perhaps that bl301 blob will make no difference. This is on a Beelink GT-King, btw.

Then bl301 I supported and you can enable the USB Power function:

Hmm. I tried it. Did the injection, rebooted, turned on the USB power setting, rebooted again. Didn’t work. Powered off, tried to power on with kbd, nothing. CEC from my video projector still wakes it up tho.

After power cycling, I see that USB power is working, the status lights on the kbd shows it’s still connected to the dongle. But the power button doesn’t wake up the box. Oh well.

Hmm. And also, Reboot in the power menu doesn’t reboot any more. It just restarts Kodi. This is all running from microSD still.

As I have written already:


I´ve change yesterday my old s905x3 for a new s905x5 (Vontar).
I noticed after power off coreelec, the USB ports still works (fan attached) and the front led always on.
Maybe if i use bl301 i can off these things.
Only need to enable that option?

Try the search option and type in

Amlogic S905X4 HK1 R Box X4

Has been discussed in great detail
RE: usb power
LED front display

That topic has created in 2022 and have thousands of posts and already search…

If you see my profile, you will see i help many users include an entire thread how to, so if you want to help me how to find please?

Yes you often help othrrs…

So system LED can be turned off in settings
However small dim red LED will still glow.

Maybe there was sh script at start up
In thread i mentioned
Emveepee member i think posted.

USB are always powered on
No matter what you try.

Came from factory
Maybe could unsolder…

CoreELEC goes to sleep/ or more like sreensaver mode.

It dims
Can change in settings
This function.

Happy Testing

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