Stereo upmix

Hello everyone, I’m having a weird issue with Stereo upmixing from Stereo (when listening to music) to 5.1. Only 3 channels seem to work: front right, front center and rear left (3 channels are silent: LFE/subwoofer, front left and rear right). When listening to audio that has 6 channels (5.1), all channels work correctly (I tested with a few different test-audio files and videos using different codecs and all seems to be working fine).

My setup is as follows:

  • VIM3PRO, using Omega 21 NIGHTLIE
  • USB DAC Khadas Tone board(2 channel)
  • 5X ACTIVE speaker

Edit: This have been addressed at Kodi forum too:Stereo Upmix working weirdly (no LFE, front left and rear right sound)

I do not know exactly when this issue started but at least a couple of months.