Stop Kodi from auto-starting

I have a strange request / question.
How can I prevent Kodi from starting at boot?

I have a python script running in the background listening to mqtt commands to start
kodi when its needed.
So when I reboot the ordroid I like to stop kodi from auto-starting.

I tried this command: systemctl disable kodi
but this did not help.
any suggestion?

systemctl mask kodi

disables Kodi to start. But this also disables manual start later with

systemctl start kodi

To start Kodi service must be unmasked first

systemctl unmask kodi
systemctl start kodi

But this would mean that Kodi will be then started again after next boot.
Maybe masking it always on shutdown with script /storage/.config/ would work and need to be tried out.

thx a lot I will test this and report back

EDIT: Perfect works as intended

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