Strange live tv resolution

Hi. I have a magicsee n5 box with s905x and 2gb ram. I’m using the latest stable version on a 16gb sd card. Everything works perfectly except two live tv channels. The resolution of them is 1440x1080, h264, and no image appears on tv, but sound is correct. The rest of the channels work perfectly. This resolution does not appear in the whitelist, but leaving it empty does not work either. I have changed everything that can be changed in settings, but nothing works. Any suggestions? Many thanks.

Welcome with your first post.

Are the Live TV Channels via an add-on or TVHeadend Client via a tuner and server ??

I use a Pi as a server with TVHeadend, and box with TVHeadend Client.
I also use TVHeadend client with Pi (libreelec leia) and those channels work well.

Reboot your device

ssh into your device

Play the problem channel for a few seconds

Execute Command


Post the link to the log here.

I hope it works

Many thanks