Strange video effects

Hi all
If you can download and see this movie (sorry I dont know how to share it better than that) [link removed] or short video here [link removed]. you will see many artifact lag and strange cuted image video immediately after the presentation … (CoreELEC 9.2.5 AmLogic S912) but if I play this movie with my android sony TV all work fine …
Whats wrong ?
With CE I do not use any whitelist and the box upscale perfectly all movies included this one but with strange cuted image and artefact lag…
Thanks !

SHORT video issue sample [link removed]
LONG video issue sample (original for checking data) [link removed]

Hey linuxo
I get the same garbage with this movie so don’t worry may be CE bug …??? Are you sure that’s work fine with your android tv ?

Yes 100% sure … my android TV play this movie perfectly

You lucky if your android tv play this file… CE do not

I removed the long video links as we are here not a illegal video share center.

Also please upload your samples to another hoster. Like me I am not able to download anything, it just forward me to advertisement web pages.

I removed all links as also Kaspersky popped up on your links.

Maybe you just change your (illegal) download source and the issue will be fixed by itself…

Yes sure… understood… but illegal or not CE do not play this file correctly whereas Android TV do … this is the point

You can upload only a snipped from the file, less than 10s. And please use another, virus free hoster.
Or you first try another hoster if the files plays without any issue. Then your hoster did something wrong with the encoding.

BTW: S912 will be abandoned soon as it’s only supported by Amlogic project. There is no active development since months on Amlogic project. 3.14 kernel is end of live.

Well the problem with a snipped from a file is that I have to cut it and ffmpeg fix the issue when it do it… the only way to see the trouble its to see the full file… In other hand when I post the file on big files server like uptobox, 1fichier etc they server put some announcement so you just have to close the windows and retry there is no any virus or any bad things there… about piracy its not but I can rename the file

About the S912 its a very bad new if it will be abandoned because its the BEST SoC actually regarding the price … instead to pay for Nvidia I prefer to buy my Sony Android TV with MT5893 / Mali G-52 GPU whereas its a best ever SoC regarding the Sony service and Updates …

Then please contact your uploader he should proper encode the files when ripping off somewhere!
Case closed!

S912 was a “hack” in 3.14 and it will be not supported in newer kernels. We tried and it’s not possible wihtout a hugh manpower. There was never a needed mali blob released for S912.
You are still able to use it in future. If you want to go with Kodi Matrix you may think about a hardware upgrade…

Upgrade with any 905xxx Amlogic SoC ? or which one ?

BTW if you want to check why this file do not work with CE I put it in MY LEGAL storage as LEGAL owner you can download it for free to check what is the garbage data which play in my android Tv and not in CE (close the subscribe windows and download the file)

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