Stream audio from CoreELEC to android tablet

Hi, after long searching over the internet, I decided to try finding help here.

I am building a box for projector to be placed permanently on the terrace and inside there also will be device with CoreELEC.

Only issue I have is how to get audio to my receiver located in living room (it is wired to terrace speakers).
Bluetooth could be an option, but it is about 10m distance and one house wall so it wont even find the receiver in bluetooth settings.
I have also android tablet mounted to the wall in living room which is connected to receiver over wire. I listen to music from this tablet.

My question: Is there any way I could stream all audio from CoreELEC to this android tablet over local network?

Or maybe someone will come with completly different idea how to get audio to my receiver without wires.

Thanks in advance for any help, and greetings from Czech Republic :slight_smile:

Edit: To explain better. I dont want to stream content, I just need to stream direct audio output from CoreELEC that is placed outside on the terrace, to android that is placed inside the house which is connected to the amplifier.

Seems simple, Kodi can serve as a UPNP server and stream all its contents to another client
and Android also has Kodi. With sth. like Kodi remote you can easily control playback on your phone.

Hehe, that is the simple way I watch Dolby Vision staff residing on my SSD connected to USB port on N2, and the client is Kodi on my Firestick 4K, which has no problem in correctly reproducing DV material.

So if I install kodi on tablet in living room, then I can use it as audio stream “receiver” while video is going to be displayed on CoreELEC device placed on terrace “transmitter”? Does it work that way over UPNP?

Maybe to explain better. I dont want to stream content, I just need to stream direct audio output from CoreELEC to android.

Wait a sec, if you have Kodi on both ends why “streaming”? By default CoreELEC enables samba share on Kodi, just share your media with samba and on the tablet add those as media source in another Kodi, then u can play them as local media on the tablet.

He wants to have video outside on a tarrace and sound going through AV receiver which got speakers placed outside connected to it. Not doable using dlna.
Read the op question before you state anything…

Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

So it looks like nobody will give any solution. So I will havto stick to Bluetooth and since I have wall controller on the terrace wired to amplifier, and there are still some spare wires, I will place bluetooth module there and hopefully signal will reach this distance without wall.

Because the usecase is very rare

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