Streaming video buffering problem

Hi, I recently moved to CoreELEC 9.02, before I used LibreELEC always last version, I have an ODROID C2, the reason was the lack of possibility to pass audio through HDMI, I have a YAMAHA receiver.
I did a clean installation with EMMC, the problem I found on CoreELEC is that when I use IPTV it buffers every 20 seconds and then the channel is blocked, this applies to all channels. To test it, I inserted a card with LibreELEC that I used earlier to see if I had the same buffering problems and noticed that everything worked perfectly.
Maybe there is a bug for this version regarding video streaming? Has anyone had my same problems using this latest version?

Do you use the same cache settings on both versions ?

Try this in your advancedsettings.xml:


hello thanks for the answer, then I have a fixed connection that travels at 75 mb tested on KODI, I have a 100 mb fiber, what I don’t understand is that on libreelec it works perfectly while here after 5 minutes the video starts to hang and lose audio, the version I use is the last 9.0.2 maybe going back to a previous version does it improve the situation?

I only have buffering problems on WiFi 2.4 GHz and when the device connects to the farthest access point