Strong SRT 2401

I tested CE latest on Strong SRT 2401. It is S905D based, 1GB RAM, 8GB disk. It is D version of chipset, so box contains TV tuner - DVB T/T2,C,S. Standard SW is an Android with dumbAmlogic TV application.

I used as device tree image and CoreElec works at first try. For the tuner I tried all three options in CoreElec DVB drivers and for CrazyCat it almost worked - it was created folder /dev/dvb/ with some device files inside, but without any file named frontend0, or something similar. This is fragment of dmesg:

[   19.325900@2] DVB: aml_dvb_probe: probe amlogic dvb driver
[   19.325926@2] DVB: aml_dvb_probe: dmx rst ctl = ffffffc023c54e00
[   19.325934@2] DVB: aml_dvb_probe: asyncfifo rst ctl = ffffffc023c54840
[   19.325941@2] DVB: aml_dvb_probe: ahbarb0 rst ctl = ffffffc023c54d40
[   19.325949@2] DVB: aml_dvb_probe: uparsertop rst ctl = ffffffc023c54dc0
[   19.326050@2] dvbdev: DVB: registering new adapter (amlogic-dvb)
[   19.326056@2] DVB: aml_dvb_probe: Registered adpter: amlogic-dvb
[   19.333410@2] DMX: async fifo 0 buf size 524288, flush size 262144
[   19.333471@2] DMX: async fifo 1 buf size 524288, flush size 262144
[   19.343872@3] DVB FE: Init AVL6862 frontend 0
[   20.162875@2] i2c i2c-2: avl6862: i2c rd failed=-11 len=4
[   20.162880@2] i2c i2c-2: avl6862: attach failed reading id
[   20.162885@2] DVB FE: avl6862_attach attach failed!!!

I believe it can be fixed with proper device tree. I have the device, so I am able to test anything repeatelly.

I want to ask - what information is required for create proper device tree? I will try to provide it. And - is there anybody, who will be so helpfull and create the device tree file?

I believe, this hardware is common in central Europe - here in Czech rep., in Germany, in Hungary. So I see it as good to have this device working on CoreElec (incl. TV tuner) and I am ready to donate the work in some small amount.

The Andriod TV is really dumb and ugly :slight_smile: