Stutter/Choppy with DTS video with S905X4

using latest stable coreelec 21.0 ne with my Box s905x4
my setup is Sony 4k tv connected to AVR (YAMAHA RX-V673) with HDMI-ARC
and the BOX S905X4 connected with Ugreen cable to HDMI4 (Directed to Sony)
configure pass-through for DD and DTS
I am getting Stutter and lost signal in the AVR (every 4-5 minutes) with DTS.

tested few video with DTS audio
for DD I not getting this issues.



this lost signal/jump ( I don’t know how to describe it) append at 09:48:50

also got experience of starting video that not played smooth , and I jump 10 second back to fix it.

Try nightly…

Thank you .
just tried …
didn’t help
upload logs from this build?

As there is no known issue with CE you better try other combination of connections.
AVR are well known to produce strange errors.
Better use the ARC port of the TV and use passthrough.

to verify it is related to CE , I try to play the same video with kodi that install on Android TV
and it worked.

what do you mean?

Better use the ARC port of the TV and use passthrough.

connect the ARC port to the BOX?

No, it’s because CE use better audio quality then Android. Disable passthrough or use ARC port of TV!
Or also try other HDMI cables with better quality.

I still not sure what it mean use ARC
HDMI ARC port connected to AVR (HDMI3)
CE connected to HDMI4 (NOT ARC PORT)


CE connected to AVR & AVR connected to ARC TV port ?

CE Connected to the Sony TV hdmi4
AVR Conncted to Sony TV hdmi 3 (ARC)

I can’t connect the CE directly to the AVR, no 4K Support.

You dont need to connect CoreELEC to avr

In CoreELEC settings disable pass-through

Let your TV now return audio to avr through arc port like you have it wired

If I disable the pass-through and set the Number of channels to 4.1 in Kodi(as my speaker setup)
I am getting signal of Dolby Digital in my AVR, but the Video is DTS…
it should be settings in Sony TV?

If you are using HDMI ARC out to receiver/ soundbar

The TV determines which is passthrough/audio return

Possible Sony cant pass DTS audio out.

Also check TV settings, can you change from Bitstream to PCM?

Or vice versa see if there us different

here report of the same issue that I am facing with CE
It should be related to Sony.

from my tests , Kodi on AndroidTV work fine with DTS

A quick read of bug report
Indicates user had passthrough enabled in Kodi
And Sony TV

I thought you disabled passthrough in Kodi/CoreELEC.

So TV only was processing audio return HDMI arc.

Also there can be many issues with different system audio configs and AVR

didn’t disabled pass-though, the TV not process DTS (the AVR not getting DTS signal for DTS Video File)

I able to isolate the problem.
connect my second box - S905X2 (gxl_p212_2g)
using the same cable with SonyTV and My AVR
with the same video file
and DTS worked smooth.

so the issue is with S905X4 Vontar, that was not the best box from the beginning.

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