Subtitles Color Darkgrey for HDR

Hello everyone,

i don´t find this problem mentioned by anyone here at coreelec. the biggest problem by kodi is that the default grey color for subtitles is sitll too bright under hdr mode.

is possible to add a new color “dark grey” (for example) for the subtitles?


Yes, I agree. I’ll look into this, it shouldn’t be too difficult to add another color.

I added a dark grey option. It should be available in tomorrow night’s nightly build.


This addition is very important and appreciated.
I have another suggestion, I don’t know how hard it is to do:
Dark grey is what all UHDs use for subtitles colors. I watch both SDR and HDR content. I tried to use dark grey for SDR too and it’s too dark, and normal grey is too lite for HDR.
Is it possible to maybe add a contingency to use X color for SDR and X color for HDR?

Here are two temporary solutions:

  1. Convert subtitle files to example SSA (.ssa) and specify colour in the subtitle file.
  2. Setup Kodi to use two profiles where one is for playback in SDR with settings you want for SDR content and the other for HDR etc.

Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. Can also add color tags in SRT, kodi reads them fine.
  2. I’ll have to look into how to do that, thanks.

It’s quite simple to use profiles in Kodi :slight_smile: Read more about it at Kodi Wiki - Profiles

Will certainly read up on it. Just not had a chance yet.
Regardless of that, I think it would be a useful feature moving forward. But I’ll take a temp solution meanwhile too :slight_smile:

I don’t think Kodi Leia has any sort of “understanding” what HDR is, so implementing this in Leia may prove difficult. But it’s something we may want to look into in the future.

I just figured that since you added dark grey which isn’t featured on Kodi, there may be an easy way to do that too. Obviously, it’s not as simple as adding a color, but I thought it’s something that could maybe added in system --> system --> CoreELEC.

Yes, but dark grey has been accepted into Kodi Matrix, so at least there’s that.
Matrix does support HDR, so maybe it’s a feature request you should make.

I’m using one of N2 boxes which I think is not expected to move to Kodi 19, so for now it’s not of much help.
I setup a profile thing for now, it’s a little slow but it works.

Is there a way to assign a key to switching system settings rather than actions?
e.g “Z” key would toggle between grey and darkgrey.