Sunnzo S9 mini

I recently upgraded to CoreElec 19. The IR remote controller is exactly like the X96 picture.
In Kodi : I go to Videos —> USB where my movies are stored. The list is displayed.
Now there is a difference between version 9.2 and 19 concerning the contextual menu.

In the 9.2 coreelec version, one of the item of the contextual menu is “delete” (the selected file).
In 19 version, pressing the same key displays a contextual menu with different items :

  • Play
  • Mark as watched
    -Add to favourite
  • Queue item
  • Play next
  • Play from here

I no longer see the “Delete” option. Where is it ? Can I get it back ? It is useful as I can delete a video after watching it.

Thank you.

In settings under the media section in the general section there should be an option for ‘Allow file renaming and deletion’ that can be switched on.

This should give you the context menu option that you need.

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Found it. Thanks.

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