Suport for Strong SRT 2402 (Amlogic S905D)

I’m trying to install CoreELEC 9.0.2 on Strong SRT 2402 (S905D + DVB-S2 + DVB-T2/C)

Kodi run fine, however the Tvheadend 4.x has empty “TV Adapters” list.

Please help me.

Chipset: Amlogic S905D-B
Main Memory: DDR3, 1 GB
Flash Memory: eMMC: 8 GB

Android dvb.img:

Output “cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id”:

dmesg log:

From Android dtb I see dual demod/tuner configurattion:

		compatible = "amlogic, dvb";
		dev_name = "dvb";
		ts0 = "serial";
		ts0_control = <0x800>;
		ts0_invert = <0x0>;
		ts1 = "serial";
		ts1_control = <0x800>;
		ts1_invert = <0x0>;
		pinctrl-names = "s_ts0", "s_ts1";
		pinctrl-0 = <0x7d>;
		pinctrl-1 = <0x7e>;
		resets = <0x8 0x24 0x8 0x10 0x8 0x3d 0x8 0x39>;
		reset-names = "demux", "asyncfifo", "ahbarb0", "uparsertop";

	dvbfe {
		compatible = "amlogic, dvbfe";
		dev_name = "dvbfe";
		dtv_demod0 = "Avl6762";
		dtv_demod0_i2c_adap_id = <0x2>;
		dtv_demod0_i2c_addr = <0xc0>;
		dtv_demod0_reset_value = <0x0>;
		dtv_demod0_reset_gpio-gpios = <0x28 0x3d 0x0>;
		dtv_demod0_ant_poweron_value = <0x0>;
		dtv_demod0_ant_power-gpios = <0x28 0x3f 0x0>;
		dtv_demod0_tuner_type = <0x34>;
		fe0_dtv_demod = <0x0>;
		fe0_ts = <0x0>;
		fe0_dev = <0x0>;
		dtv_demod1 = "ds3xxx";
		dtv_demod1_i2c_adap_id = <0x2>;
		dtv_demod1_i2c_addr = <0x6a>;
		dtv_demod1_reset_value = <0x0>;
		dtv_demod1_reset_gpio-gpios = <0x28 0x3d 0x0>;
		dtv_demod1_lnb_poweron_value = <0x1>;
		dtv_demod1_lnb_hz_value = <0x1>;
		fe1_dtv_demod = <0x1>;
		fe1_ts = <0x1>;
		fe1_dev = <0x1>;

First demod is AVL6762 for DVB-T, tuner is most like MxL608, second one is for DVB-S most likely Montage Technology DS3000/TS2020. For DVB-T you can try gxl_p231_1g_sr2402.dtb (40.8 KB). MT chipset for DVB-S is unsupported by internal dvb driver.


  • The dvb tuner is not recognized (empty “TV Adapters” list).
  • Now at startup coreelec waits 60 seconds (show a countdown) before run kodi.

Output “cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id”:

dmesg log:

There is still wrong i2c adapter use for detection AVL6762. I2c_b is unresponsive, trygxl_p231_1g_sr2402_i2c_c.dtb (40.8 KB) with i2c_c.

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I tried gxl_p231_1g_sr2402_i2c_c.dtb but:

  • The dvb tuner is not recognized (empty “TV Adapters” list).
  • Now at startup coreelec waits 60 seconds (show a countdown) before run kodi.

Output “cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id”:
(but i used gxl_p231_1g_sr2402_i2c_c.dtb)

dmesg log:

Now I2c adapter is correct, but family id for Availink avl68xx DVB demodulator wasn’t recognized. It’ll be helpfull if you can open box and take detail pictures of demodulator chips.


Photographs: Folder

THX for nice pictures. There are AVL6762 demod for DVB-T and M88DS3103 demod for DVB-S. I also need know tuner chips and crystal frequencies (inside shielded boxes).
For next test switch to dvb-latest in dvb drivers addons, reboot box, install addon from zip and reboot box.


OK. I ordered this box at local store, on monday it’ll be available, then I have two weeks to return it.

Ok, please keep me updated.
Thank you for your job.

I have a bad news.
For DVB-T is used AVL6762 demod and Rafael R836 tuner. AVL6762 use the same drivers as AVL6862 omitting DVB-S part. For tuner R836 there isn’t open-source linux driver.
For DVB-S is used Montage Technology M88DS3103C demod and Airoha AV2018 tuner. For demod is driver only for B version and I am not sure if it is compatible with C. For Airoha tuner I tried to use driver for AV2017 but with any success properly detect chip.
I gave up any other investigations. This box is unsupported by CE. I think Mecool KI Pro is better option, for less money you’ve got box with larger memory, faster ethernet, more USB ports and fully supported by CE.

Ok, thanks for your job.
Have a nice day.